About Us

In 2017, the first class of Seminole High School's Academy of E-Commerce created and began operating Pinellas County Schools' first-ever E-Commerce website.

Run completely by students, the class of 2020 further developed the store and is bringing it to new heights. Creating many new products has helped them gain experience and increase sales. As Seminole High School's Academy of E-Commerce continues to grow, so will our site's advancements and offerings. Checking back often will guarantee you a first-hand look at all the new innovations we are learning in the classroom and translating into the real-time E-Commerce trade.

Note that the Warhawk Shop is a project operated by students enrolled at Seminole High School and that the student operators will have access to some of your personal information, but not credit card, debit card, or bank information.  However, this information will only be used for purposes of fulfilling orders made at the Warhawk Shop.